Dating Service Offers Options For 31 Genders [Video]

Gender fluidity is on full display as users of Match can pick from 31 genders, even “polygender,” “pangender,” “neutrois,” and “gender questioning” are included in the list.

The Twitter account Libs of TikTok, which compiles videos uploaded to TikTok by insane leftists, tweeted a little video clip of a person scrolling through the more than two dozen genders now available on, a well-known online dating service.

Users of Match have a choice of 31 genders, highlighting gender flexibility. “Two-Spirit,” “polygender,” “pangender,” “neutrois,” and “gender questioning” are a few of the genders described.

At the start of the short video clip, Match asked the user: “Hi, let’s get started. Which best describes you?” There are options for “I’m a man,” “I’m a woman,” and “more options.” 

Despite selecting “Man,” the user is presented with a list of the other 31 genders. “Transgender person,” “genderqueer,” “gender non-conforming,” “non-binary,” “gender variant,” “transsexual man,” “gender fluid,” and “bigender” are only a few examples of the various genders.

Forsided, 08.07.2022
Source: Infowars

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