Zelensky 2021: Donbass People Have No Place in Ukraine [Video]

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Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, despite his election promises to stop war in Donbass, was actually from the beginning just going to kick the republics’ population out, saying that those who “identify themselves as Russians” have to move to Russia, for which it was “high time” already in 2021, according to him.

Moreover, Zelensky said that “sooner or later, the wall will collapse” between Donbass and other Ukraine’s regions, and this, in his opinion, should happen when people “catch an appropriate moment” to get rid of the alleged “Russian occupation”.

Thus, he showed absolute absence of knowledge about the situation, as he closed his eyes to the fact Donbass people were not trying to find “an appropriate time” to get back to Ukraine. So, they didn’t want any wall “to collapse”, as they built that wall themselves, protecting their families from the pro-Western pressure in their former country.

These statements of Zelensky only show that he has never been open for negotiations with the people of Donbass, as well as for any compromise on the issue. Since the very beginning, Donbass people have always been for him an unnecessary load, preventing him from taking the lands back.

If you try and think like this, his words become even more clear, “Go to Russia, if you feel Russian, and then the wall will fall.” Certainly, it will, if there is no population left to keep the wall against the Nazi government.

Besides, in the video, he forces people to choose between Motherland and their place of living, the place where they were born – which for most sound people usually are the same.

“Once again: Motherland or are you a guest [in Donbass]?” he asks.

But the thing is that Donbass people have already made this choice – they chose Motherland, that is – Donbass. Right because they feel Donbass their Motherland, they stay there and defend it, as every citizen strives to protect his home and beloved land.

And they are definitely not guests on their own land. No matter, if the land previously belonged to Ukraine, now people who live there, who have real rights to be there, have identified themselves Russians. And, according to the UN Charter, they have their right for self-identification and safe life after making such a choice.

So Zelensky should better ask himself if he is a guest on the land where nobody welcomes him, as for him, even a guest status is not available anymore.

Forsided, 26.09.2022

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