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Software Guru John McAfee: “I Have Nothing” [Tweet]

Software antivirus pioneer John McAfee said on Twitter that he is broke and his entire crypto fortune is gone. McAfee has been behind bars in Spain since October 2020, on a US warrant over money laundering and tax evasion.

The McAfee Antivirus founder tweeted “I have nothing. Yet, I regret nothing,” adding: “The US believes I have hidden crypto. I wish I did but it has dissolved through the many hands of Team McAfee (your belief is not required), and my remaining assets are all seized. My friends evaporated through fear of association.”

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Texas Challenges COVID Restrictions: Three Months Without Coronary Restrictions – Record Low Infections [Video]

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who has completely rejected COVID restrictions, said the latest COVID-19 figures for the state on Tuesday. Abbott said Texas had the lowest number of new COVID-19 cases reported in the state since the beginning of the pandemic.

“Texas reported the fewest new confirmed COVID cases since I see them being tracked in March of last year,” the governor wrote on Twitter.

In addition, the governor revealed that “the seven-day positivity rate dropped to a new all-time low” and “hospitalization dropped to a one-year low”.

“Fatalities fell to the third lowest level in 14 months,” Abbott added.

The news is Abbott’s latest victory since the Liberals condemned his decision to reopen Texas in March. Joe Biden condemned Texas and Mississippi officials in March for deciding to reopen the states, accusing them of “Neanderthal thinking” and calling the transfer a “big mistake”.

In contrast to almost everywhere else in the United States, Texas has returned to its normal state, which can be seen e.g. in baseball arenas:

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Source: UMV-Lehti

Biden Mixes Up Putin and Trump at Press Conference [Video]

Joe Biden mistakenly referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin as “President Trump,” and then quickly corrected himself. Now we know why Biden was afraid of a joint press conference with Putin.

On June 16, U.S. President Joe Biden met Russian President Vladimir Putin for the first time since taking office. The hours-long summit in Geneva spanned several activities, including a meeting with just the two leaders and their top foreign aides, as well as solo news conferences to comment on their conversations.

The Russian president spoke for more than 55 minutes and took more than two-dozen questions. He did not use a teleprompter at any time during the session. 

Shortly thereafter, Biden took just seven questions from the press but first spoke from a teleprompter. Within the first 10 minutes of the event, he indeed referred to Putin as former President Trump, and then immediately corrected his mistake.

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In a related story, Joe Biden continues his need to read from cheat cards during negotiations.

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BBC Journalist Chased & Confronted by Anti-Lockdown Protesters

A video clip shows BBC political editor Nicholas Watt being chased down and confronted by anti-lockdown protesters outside Downing Street.

Protests are once again growing after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced yet another delay to the lifting of the UK’s lockdown restrictions. The public was already being prepared for an extension before the first extension was even announced.

Demonstrators are once again gathering around Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament in London to express their fury. BBC Newsnight editor Nicholas Watt was caught in the crossfire of their ire as he desperately attempted to escape the crowd.

“Traitor! Traitor! once man screams in Watt’s face as he desperately tries to find an exit strategy.

“Scum!” another man aggressively shouts in Watt’s face as he tries to head towards police for protection.

“Traitor, you bastard!” the crowd shouts as Watt finally is able to duck into a side gate that leads to 10 Downing Street.

“Shame on you!” chants the exuberant crowd before booing him further.

Earlier footage of the incident appears to show that the police did nothing in this case. Instead, officers stood by as the presenter was chased on the doorstep of Parliament:

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Biden Slammed For Using Cheat Cards In Meeting With Putin

President Biden appeared to be holding another of his “cheat sheets” at his high-stakes summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin to remember what it was that he needed to say to the Russian leader.

As journalists recorded the scene, Biden peered at his paper before tucking it into an inside pocket of his suit jacket.

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Twitter Loses ‘Legal Shield’ in India for ‘Fuelling’ Hindu-Muslim Feud in Uttar Pradesh

Twitter has lost its “legal shield” in India for not complying with the country’s newly implemented social media rules, federal Minister of Information Technology (IT) Ravi Shankar Prasad revealed on Wednesday. 

In recent days, Twitter has been locking horns with the Indian government over an array of issues. After expressing concerns over India’s “threatened freedom of expression,” Twitter revealed its reservations against India’s new digital laws.

In a series of tweets, Prasad questioned why Twitter has not complied with Indian legislation, especially as  Indian companies doing business in the US or other countries “voluntarily follow the local laws.”

Further, the minister said that it’s “astounding that Twitter, which portrays itself as the flag bearer of free speech, chooses the path of deliberate defiance when it comes to the intermediary guidelines.”

Now that Twitter has lost its legal shield in India, it will be treated as a content “publisher” and will be punished for posting anything “unlawful.”

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Coca Cola Loses Billions in Market Value as Cristiano Ronaldo Replaces Bottles

When Portuguese skipper Cristiano Ronaldo’s removed two Coca-Cola bottles from his table during a press conference at the Euros on Monday in Budapest, no one could have imagined just how significant the move would be. By the time the Juventus forward had finished talking to reporters, the drink giant’s value was already shrinking – it’s now Wednesday, and the company has seen around $4 billion shaved from its value. 

As soon as Ronaldo sat down, he grimaced at the glass bottles before moving them out of sight – he then held up a bottle of water and exclaimed “Agua!”

The Australian Associated Press reported that Ronaldo’s gesture had an immediate impact on Coca-Cola’s value as the American company’s share price dropped from $56.10 to $55.22, a dip of 1.6 percent on Tuesday.

Coca-Cola’s market value has tanked to $238 billion from $242 billion in the last couple of days. 

Ronaldo’s influence reaches far beyond dictating football matches; the former Manchester United star has nearly 300 million followers on Instagram, 140 million followers on Facebook, and more than 92 million followers of Twitter. 

A Coca-Cola One spokesperson said on Tuesday: “Everyone is entitled to their drink preferences…different people have different tastes and needs.”

A spokesperson for Euro 2020 said: “Players are offered water, alongside Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, on arrival at our press conferences.”

The 36-year-old striker has revealed in the past that he doesn’t like his son’s habit of drinking Coca-Cola and eating chips.

“My son has potential. We’ll see if he will become a great footballer. Sometimes he drinks Coke and eats crisps and it irritates me. I just want him to be the best in whatever he chooses to do. I always tell him, hard work is the most important,” Ronaldo said in a Twitter post after winning the Player of the Century award in December 2020.

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Source: Sputnik News

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Staff Beat Man Without Mask at Supermarket in US [Video]

Staff assaults customer and waves a baseball bat in a dispute about not wearing a face mask at a hardware store. The video shows a situation filmed in Seattle where a man tries to enter the store without a face mask. He is attacked with a baseball bat and his fists.

The situation has clearly been preceded by some word of mouth, as the men in the store immediately rushed to attack the customer who had sought in. A man who enters the store without a mask was pushed out of the door by force with a baseball bat. The salesman starts beating the man with his fists. This is where the escalating situation of violence begins.

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Source: UMV-Lehti

Concentration Camp at Heathrow Airport in London

A Heathrow Airport hotel has been likened to a “jail” or “concentration camp”. Guards monitor passengers coming from the “red list countries” like prisoners – outsiders are not allowed to talk. New Normal – Welcome to Fascist Britain!

“This is where people are coming to get some fresh air,” the woman says in the video.

“This is a closed area. People can come out of their room for 20 minutes. Security brings them to this area and then you can walk here for 20 minutes. Get some fresh air and then go back in your room again.”

People are always escorted out of their room because they are not allowed to go anywhere on their own.

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Diversity Drive: Twitter Adds ‘Arabic (feminine)’ Language Option

The new setting will enable the site to speak to users using feminine grammar – as part of an inclusion and diversity drive, according to Twitter’s announcement on Tuesday.

In Arabic, verbs agree with the gender of their subject. Masculine forms are used to address mixed or unknown audiences and are the default in most texts.

Those who use the setting will be addressed in the feminine form – reportedly the first social media site to offer this option. Twitter did not introduce a non-binary gender language option in Arabic but their head of communications for the Middle East and North Africa said the company has other gender-neutral projects it is working on – including a designated pronoun field.

“We want our service to reflect the voices that shape the conversations that take place on our service,” said Rasha Fawakhiri, Twitter’s communications head for the Middle East and North Africa.

Twitter started with Arabic and the initiative could be expanded to other languages, Fawakhiri said

Twitter says it is the first social media site to introduce an “Arabic (feminine)” language option.

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Source: Reuters

Cristiano Ronaldo Replaces Coca-Cola bottles With Water at Euro 2020 [Video]

The first 15 seconds of Cristiano Ronaldo‘s presser for a Euro 2020 game went viral as he removed two bottles of Coca-Cola — a sponsor of the tournament — from the table and replaced them with a bottle of water.

 At a press conference ahead of the EURO match against Hungary, Portugal’s football player picked up the soft drink bottles and replaced them with a water bottle and appeared to declare ‘agua’, which is Portuguese for ‘water’, to insinuate that it was the preferable refreshment to Coca Cola.

It is important to note that Ronaldo never advertised Coca-Cola. Once Pepsi used his photo, but after this incident the company had to apologize to Cristiano. At the beginning of his career, Welshman Ryan Giggs weaned the striker off drinking soda.

The video of the press conference has been doing rounds on social media.

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