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Bill Gates Proposed Carbon Taxes To Force Middle Income Countries to Switch To Clean Products [Video]

Bill Gates, speaking at the World Economic Forum on Wednesday, advocated for aggressive carbon price implementation to drive middle-income countries to radically restructure their whole economic sectors.

“The rich countries have to play a central role, both funding RND and having policies,” Bill Gates said, adding that “in some cases carbon taxes will be used to drive the demand for these clean products.”

“Only by doing that in an aggressive way will the economic costs be brought down enough that we can turn to all the middle-income countries and say ‘OK, change your whole cement industry, change your whole steel industry,” he continued.

Gates remarked, “The number of companies working on these things is very exciting”. “Some of them will fail, a lot of them will fail,” he continued, but added, “we only need a reasonable number, a few dozen of them to make it through and that’s what we have to accelerate.”

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Olympic Runner Reveals Pericarditis Diagnosis Following a Booster Vaccine [FB Post]

A Swiss Olympic athlete described on social media how she suffered heart inflammation after receiving a booster dose of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccination.

“On December 22 I got my booster vaccination because I didn’t want to struggle with this when the season started. I was told that it was safer to get Pfizer (even though I had Moderna the first time) to avoid cardiac side effects,” Sarah Atcho related.

“On December 27 I felt a tightness in the chest and started feeling dizzy while walking up the stairs. This happened a few more times until I decided to check with a cardiologist who diagnosed me with pericarditis (inflammation of the thin membrane surrounding the heart).”

Atcho said she was told by the doctor not to let her heart rate go “high for a few weeks to allow the heart to rest and recuperate from the inflammation”.

Despite admitting she’s “upset” about the situation because “we don’t talk enough about the side effects,” Atcho claims she’s “glad the vaccine helped prevent many deaths and reduce the pressure on hospitals and hospital staff.”

“However,” she noted, “I am frustrated that myself as well as other young and healthy people are suffering from these heavy side effects.”

Facebook responded to Atcho’s post by alerting readers that “Covid-19 vaccines go through several studies for safety and effectiveness and are then continuously monitored.”

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Truckers Protest Vaccine Mandate By Blocking Highways On Canadian Border [Video]

Epic video from the US-Canada border shows a bunch of truckers blocking roadways between the two countries with “Freedom” signs.

Several videos from the scene show a convoy of over a dozen semi-trucks marching up and down highways near the border with signs like “Mandate Freedom” and “Trudeau Has Caused Hate, Division, and Anger.”

The anti-mandate rally started on Monday, ahead of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s executive order prohibiting unvaccinated truck drivers from crossing the Canadian border, which took effect on January 15.

According to NNY 360, only 50% to 60% of U.S. truckers are vaccinated, according to an estimate from the American Trucking Associations. The rules will make thousands of drivers ineligible for cross-border shipments, exacerbating a shortage at a time when the transportation industry is already strained.

Manufacturers are warning that the snarling of a supply chain that relies on an open border for the transit of $45 billion worth of goods every month might force them to reduce output and increase expenses. According to the Department of Commerce, Canada is the top export market for 32 US states.

More truck drivers are calling for an anti-mandate protest on January 23, saying they can bring Trudeau’s government to “its fucking knees.”

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Disabled Boy With No Mask Forced to Take Exam Outside in Freezing Weather [Photo]

As a penalty for not wearing a mask, a 9-year-old disabled boy in Austria was forced to take an exam outside in the very cold weather.

An investigation into why the student in Voitsberg was treated in this manner despite having a valid mask exemption is now underway.

Jason, the boy, is photographed sitting outside against the classroom window in – 1 degrees Celsius. The boy’s parents have hired a lawyer and are considering transferring their son to another school.

After bringing the matter to the attention of the Austrian Ministry of Education, Markus Leinfellner of the Austrian Freedom Party called the occurrence a “odd class scandal.”

As a result of harsh COVID-19 restrictions, children are often forced to sit outside in freezing weather.

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Doctor Advises Patient Not to Get Vaccines Because They Will be Pulled Soon [Video]

A doctor tells a UK woman not to take any more Covid vaccines since the shots are about to be halted globally, according to alarming footage circulating on social media.

In the incredible video reportedly out of Chichester, UK, a woman in a telemedicine appointment with a doctor is informed the worldwide vaccination scheme is coming to an end because of information the public has not yet been made aware of.

“There wasn’t enough information,” the doctor is heard telling the woman. “And it’s a lot more coming up especially for the young people whose immunity is intact, apparently that’s enough,” the doctor says. “OK? Any questions?”

“So just to make sure, so you think I shouldn’t have any more vaccines then?” the woman inquired.

“If you ask me this would be my advice but, yes,” the medical professional advises.

“OK,” the patient responds, “and is that just because you don’t think anyone should have that vaccine at a young age, or is that because medically I can’t have it because of my head?”

“Because it’s very much as I said to you, there is a lot of information coming up now which was not available earlier and very soon all of the vaccines will be completely stopped,” the doctor replies.

“This is information that is just really come up. You won’t hear it on TV for a while probably because…[sigh] it’s a long story, but um yea, so it’s very soon they will stop all of these vaccines, people don’t know… but yeah…”

Following the woman’s warnings about possible side effects (sweats, fever, soreness, lumps, swelling, and leg pain), the doctor is asked if the woman’s sister should get a booster shot.

“No… please no,” the doctor begs, adding, “Absolutely not. Does not need it. Please no.”

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Djokovic Became a “Symbol of Freedom of Choice” After Australia Expelled Him From Competition

Novak Djokovic, the world’s number one tennis player, was ordered deported from Australia on Sunday after the government claimed his presence would “fuel anti-vaccine sentiment.”

Novak Djokovic will be deported from Australia after failing to persuade three senior judges of his right to remain in Melbourne to compete in the Australian Open — despite the government’s attorneys claiming he’d become an ‘icon’ for anti-vaxxers.

The law enforcement team claimed the anti-vaccine climate in the country after the tennis star arrived in Australia was due to the government’s decision to revoke his visa. Tennis star lawyer Nick Wood presented his case in an Australian federal court to a triangle of judges after Minister Hawke revoked Djokovic’s visa on the grounds of “health and good order”.

Despite the fact that the 34-year-old was unvaccinated, Wood claimed he had not taken advantage of the support of vaccine opponents and was not involved in the movement. The Australian government “does not know what Mr Djokovic’s current views are,” Wood claimed.

Government attorney Stephen Lloyd said the fact that Djokovic had not been vaccinated for two years in the pandemic and had repeatedly ignored safety measures – including the failure of isolation as a Covid-19 positive – was sufficient evidence for his views. Lloyd also referred to the protests that had already sparked Djokovic’s arrival in Australia.

Djokovic is now facing an immediate expulsion and a three-year ban from competing in Australia, dramatically reducing his chances of winning a championship he has won nine times before.

Minister Hawke, backed by judges, based his decision to revoke the visa on the view that Djokovic’s vaccination stance could pose a threat to the country’s public health if he stays in Melbourne and plays in the Australian Open. In legal documents filed late Saturday and released on Sunday, the minister shows that his decision to revoke Djokovic’s visa had little to do with him infecting others with Covid. Instead, he argued that Djokovic’s behaviour and “position for vaccinations… may encourage others to imitate him, because of his high profile and position”.

The minister also argued that Djokovic’s presence could lead to demonstrations and riots – whether against the stars or his support – which could become super-pervasive events and lead to significantly higher rates of infection in the community.

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French Minister Claims Clapping Hands is Nazi Salutes [Video]

Police were ordered by French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin to respond to alleged Nazi salutes during a health pass protest hosted by a presidential candidate. The organizer denied the accusations.

Darmanin tweeted a photo he said was taken “on the sidelines” of Saturday’s march, organized by the Les Patriotes party in Paris. The image appears to show protesters extending their arms in a manner similar to a Nazi salute.

Darmanin said he asked police to report the “very shocking” incident to the judicial authorities so “all necessary steps are taken.”

However, the party founder and leader Florian Philippot denied that Nazi salutes were performed at the rally.

He uploaded a video of demonstrators clapping and extending both arms in synchrony while screaming ‘Freedom,’ which he claims was shot during the same event and in the same area.

“Mr. Darmanin has lied once again and seriously defamed [us]. We are considering legal action,” Philippot, who is running in the April 2022 presidential race, wrote.

Protesters clap and raise their arms in a similar method in another video from the same march, although shot at a different location.

If there had been 200 Nazi salutes, I would have known about it. The journalists who were there would have seen it, as would have police officers, our volunteers and security detail,” Philippot said.

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Source: RT News

UK Energy Firm “Sorry” For Advising Clients to ‘Cuddle’ Pets For Warmth [Tweet]

Customers of one of the UK’s top energy suppliers were sent “insulting” energy-saving recommendations that claimed they might save money on heating costs by “cuddling” their dogs and “doing a few star jumps”.

SSE Energy Services recommended 10 “simple and cost-effective methods to stay warm this winter” in a blog post distributed to customers on Monday. Sticking to non-alcoholic drinks, performing housework, and eating ginger to “encourage blood flow” were among the suggestions.

In addition, recipients were encouraged to “get moving” by doing star jumps and “challenging the kids to a hula-hoop contest.” According to the Financial Times, they were advised to eat “hearty bowls of porridge” and drink more water, as well as be warned that the “warming feeling from wine or whisky is short since you’ll soon lose heat from your core and end up feeling more colder.”

After MPs characterized the advisory as “insulting” and “offensive,” the company, a division of Ovo Energy, withdrew the post and apologized, at a time when millions of families are facing a cost-of-living crisis due to rising energy costs. The advice read “like some Dickensian nightmare,” according to one government source.

In a statement, the firm said it was “embarrassed” by the “poorly judged and unhelpful” blog post, and “understand(s) how difficult the situation will be for many of our customers this year.” The company told the BBC it had removed the post to “update it” with “more meaningful information for customers.”

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Danish Newspaper Apologizes For Following Government Narrative on COVID [Tweet]

A leading Danish newspaper has apologized for “hypnotically” adopting the government’s COVID-19 pandemic narrative, admitting “we failed.”

“We failed,” newspaper Ekstra Bladet admits, “for almost two years, we – the press and the population – have been almost hypnotically preoccupied with the authorities’ daily coronavirus figures.”

The newspaper also admitted that it had been found inadequate on the crucial problem of separating the numbers of people who died from COVID and those who died from other causes.

“WE HAVE NOT been vigilant enough at the garden gate when the authorities were required to answer what it actually meant that people are hospitalized with corona and not because of corona. Because it makes a difference. A big difference,” states the piece.

According to the article, politicians and authorities have ‘lied’ about other features of the pandemic, causing the public to lose faith in them.

The publication also pointed out that health officials greatly exaggerated the effectiveness of vaccines in halting the pandemic.

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Man with Hammer Tried to Destroy a Statue by Paedophile Artist [Video]

Days after BLM activists were cleared for toppling the Colston statue, a man was arrested after he climbed the BBC Broadcasting House and spends four hours damaging a sculpture by paedophile artist Eric Gill as police do nothing.

Eric Gill, a known paedophile, created the vandalized statue in 1933. Gill’s diaries, according to the Daily Mail, revealed that he assaulted his two kids, sisters, and dog during his lifetime.

The statue is called “Prospero and Ariel,” and it represents an older man caressing a young, naked boy holding a flute. It was inspired by Shakespeare’s play The Tempest.

The man who damaged the statue climbed a ladder wearing a “Reservoir Dogs” t-shirt, a cult classic 90s film, before repeatedly hammering the sculpture over the course of four hours.

The man was eventually brought down safely by the London Fire Brigade using an elevated platform while police stood by and observed as they attempted to engage with him.

While speaking with the police negotiators, the man stated that the statue should have been removed years ago. On the statue were also written the phrases “Noose All Peados” and “BBC Peados + Propaganda.”

For years, political activists in the United Kingdom have attempted to have the statue removed.

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Professor: Intense COVID Testing ‘Hysteria’ Is Like Self Harm [Tweet]

A prominent oncology professor has cautioned that Britain has become obsessed with using COVID rapid lateral flow testing, despite the fact that most people don’t have any symptoms, claiming that it is harming the economy and delaying “life-saving work” in hospitals.

Professor Angus Dalgleish of St George’s Hospital, University of London, describes the widespread usage of the tests as “mania” and “hysteria,” writing in the Daily Mail that “it is equal to national self-harm.”

“Hospitals, transport networks, our postal and rubbish collection services and hundreds of thousands of British businesses are now being crippled because of a mania over checking people for an infection that they may have no symptoms for,” he adds.

Dalgleish writes that because of people constantly testing and discovering positive results, then having to isolate, even though they have no symptoms and are likely unable to transmit the virus, “everyday life – and the economy – is at risk of grinding to a halt.”

“And even more worrying, crucial life-saving work is being jeopardised, with more than 40,000 NHS staff unable to attend work for at least two days last week,” the professor further notes.

“At least 10% of employees at numerous hospitals were on sick leave or in self-isolation,” Dalgleish claims. “To keep wards open in London hospitals, 200 military personnel, including 40 doctors from the armed services, had to be deployed.”

The professor further described self-imposed lockdowns as “insanity,” noting that the Omicron variety is mild but “rampant,” with isolation doing little to fight its spread.

He adds, “The real harm is caused by forcing NHS staff with mild or no symptoms to stay off work,” adding, “This crisis is self-inflicted – and one we must act to limit now.”

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African Migrant Injures Spanish Police During a Brawl [Video]

Several Spanish police officers were injured, according to reports, while attempting to apprehend a violent African migrant who had been caught and released the day before after a similar rampage.

The incident happened in Córdoba, Andalusia, at 8 p.m. on Saturday night. A man who was throwing tables and chairs outside a cafe on a busy street near the city centre was reported to the authorities.

Traffic was stopped in the area as authorities attempted to detain the man with “the least level of force possible.”

The battle was captured on video and shared on social media. As onlookers watch, the suspect is seen fighting a big group of at least eight officers.

“Several officers had to use their defensive weapons to subdue this person,” ABC Córdoba reports.

“At one point, the aggressor knocks down an agent with a punch in the presence of the rest and numerous passers-by. Two agents of the National Police of Córdoba were slightly injured.”

The African had been arrested for a similar confrontation the day before, processed by the court, and released just hours before Saturday’s fight.

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