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London Mayor Blaimed Climate Change for Heavy Rain [Tweet]

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, posted a picture of the city street in heavy rain on his Twitter page and blamed climate change for the situation. This raised a lot of indignation from the network users’ side, as they couldn’t get the point, how rain that belongs to regular city weather, caused so much despair in the mayor.

In his comment to the picture, Khan warned, “Climate change is not a problem in far off parts of the world. It’s on our doorstep. It’s our problem too.”

However, most of the Internet users appeared at a loss to find it out how the global problem of climate changed was announced to be directly connected to rain which is quite a regular phenomenon in the city.

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BLM Activists Picket New York Restaurant After Incident With Vaccine Pass [Tweet, Video]

Three Texan women were arrested for assaulting Carmine’s hostess who enforced New York City’s vaccine pass rules. Shortly after the Black Lives Matter activists picketed the restaurant and called out the government for the policy’s “racist” impact. The restaurant was picketed on Monday night, confronting both staff and patrons, and calling Carmine’s “racist” and “fascist” over the incident with the vaccine passport demand.

“I charge Carmine’s with trying to cover up their employees’ actions by using the vaccination passport as an excuse,” said BLM NY leader Hawk Newsome.

As it was reminded, New York City was the first jurisdiction in the US to require proof of vaccination for patrons wishing to enter restaurants and other venues. The policy came into effect on September 13, 2021. Three days later, police arrested Sally Rechelle Lewis, Kaeita Nkeenge Rankin, and Tyonnie Keshay Rankin, and charged them with assault and criminal mischief, after a video emerged of them assaulting Carmine’s hostess. Soon after they were released without bail.

The three women, residents of Houston and its suburb of Humble, were originally described as “Texan”. The Rankins’ attorney told the New York Times the physical assault followed the hostess calling the group a derogatory racial term – a claim Newsome appears to have taken at face value. Carmine parent-group owner Jeffrey Bank called that statement “false” and described the attack on his employees as “entirely unprovoked”. To prove his stance he released the surveillance footage of the incident.

“At no point did the women mention that any of the hosts ever made a racial slur. Nor did the women say that to the police officers who arrested them. Nor did anyone hear any such slur,” Bank said. “This is because none of our hosts — all of whom are people of colour — ever uttered such a slur.”

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Source: RT

Vaccination Propaganda in American Cartoon Failed: People Saw the Real Point [Video, Tweet]

‘Family Guy’ is an American adult animated sitcom created and developed for the Fox Broadcasting Company. On September 21 it released the Covid vaccine explainer video in which characters Stewie and Brian tell viewers ‘the truth’ about vaccines, while dad Peter first doubts and then gets his first shot from the doctor.

The video shows Peter, a character usually presented as a silly and clumsy man, sitting on a hospital bed and asking his dog Brian why he should get the Covid-19 vaccine, insisting that he hates getting shots. Brian swiftly corrects Peter’s pronunciation of “Covid,” to which Peter replies, “Well, I only ever read it”. At this moment a viewer can already get a clear picture of how the creators of the episode ‘respect’ the opinions of those who are not willing to get vaccinated.

Then, Stewie and Brian explain how vaccines have been around for hundreds of years (talking in general, of course, without any note that anti-COVID ones have just appeared), that they helped eradicate smallpox from the face of the Earth. The characters teleport themselves inside Peter’s body to explain exactly how a vaccine works, doing it, however, in an openly promoting way, excluding all the drawbacks and side-effects).

The video stops short of telling people to get vaccinated. The final shot shows a plaster with the words “It’s up to you,” with links to further vaccine information. Lisa Sherman, president and CEO of the Ad Council that created the “It’s up to you” Covid-19 vaccination initiative claimed that the ‘Family Guy’ video was bringing “critical vaccine information to audiences in a fresh and hilarious way”, though it was not clear enough how much ‘critical’ was in fact in that information.

The video has received plenty of praise from people online but not everyone was so pleased with the episode. One person questioned why a cartoon writer thought he was an authority on medicine.

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Source: RT

Russian Foreign Minister Made the Point Clear: Russia is Not Going to Join NATO [Video]

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov began his participation in the UN General Assembly by meeting with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. Right at the beginning of the meeting, Lavrov joked, addressing reporters.

“Guys, don’t try your luck. Russia is not going to join NATO,” stated the Minister.

Then the meeting takes place behind closed doors.

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Source: Ru-Main

Texas Women Compelled to Struggle Against Abortion Law [Tweet]

In the weeks since Texas Senate Bill 8 became law, women seeking an abortion have taken on extra costs, such as paying for travel or missing work, to get an abortion out of state. Their experiences demonstrate what it will be like for Texans seeking abortions for the foreseeable future. Countings of their expenses and other difficulties they have to face now were published in the article by a Bloomberg editor on her Twitter page.

The law bans abortions once a cardiac activity is detectable in an embryo, typically four weeks after conception, which is often before many women know they’re even pregnant. It also criminalizes ‘aiding and abetting’ an abortion, which has prompted some providers to shut down services rather than risk being sued.

Cutting off abortion in Texas means women in the state would now need to drive an average of 247 miles to get to a clinic, up from 17 miles previously, according to the Guttmacher Institute, which studies abortion policy and demographics. According to Franz Theard, the director of the Women’s Reproductive Clinic, soon after the bill was passed, he saw two women who drove 12 hours from Houston to get to his clinic. Another patient drove 811 miles to Theard’s clinic from her home in the Rio Grande Valley.

The author of the article warns that women who aren’t able to get the desired abortion can face enormous costs, both financially and psychologically. According to Delma Catalina Limones, the communications manager with Avow, a Texas abortion-rights organization, the law criminalizes anyone aiding an abortion and isolates pregnant women who are afraid to reach out.

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Source: Bloomberg

Aggressive Woman Made a Mess in California Restaurant Demanding Vaccination Passport From Employee [Video]

A woman screaming about how she had been vaccinated made a mess at Market Broiler in Huntington Beach, California, and attacked a restaurant owner for not wearing a face mask after spraying hand sanitiser at a female employee. To accusations at not having a mask herself, the woman exclaimed that she is vaccinated, thus the mask is of no need for her.

During the confrontation, the woman demanded to see the female employee’s vaccination card and responded to being without a mask herself by screaming, “I’m vaccinated, bitch!” The HB Community Forum Twitter page later identified the woman as Leslie Genchi, of Costa Mesa.

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White House Staff Cut in Boris Johnson’s Speech in Mid-Sentence [Video]

Yesterday, on September 21, 2021, Joe Biden met British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, U.S., shortly after the meeting of the UN General Assembly. They stressed how the UK-US partnership is ‘unrivalled in its scale’ and discussed the AUUKUS defence pact when suddenly, the White House staff abruptly interrupted the meeting and Johnson’s speech in particular, by shouting over him in the attempt to get media out of the room.

Source: RT

As Johnson was trying to finish his thought, the White House staff began to expel the journalists from the premise, persistently and loudly ‘thanking them for their work’. Biden seemingly ignored the fuss and just calmly looked around the room few times.

According to correspondents present at the meeting, Biden was asked about the ongoing crisis at the US southern border, and his answer was continuously interrupted by the staff asking everyone to leave the room. As specified, after being pushed out of the Oval Office, frustrated reporters filed a formal complaint to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. Unfortunately, she didn’t give a reasonable explanation for such behaviour of the staff.

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Source: Sputnik

White House Medical Advisor Couldn’t Give Clear Reason to Get Vaccinated [Video]

The American physician-scientist and immunologist, the Chief Medical Advisor to the White House, Dr Anthony Fauci, stumbled to give a precise and concise answer to the question of why Americans with natural COVID immunity should get vaccinated.

In his struggle to explain why Americans who have a natural immunity to COVID should get the vaccine, the doctor just said, “I don’t have a really firm answer for you on that.”

The main defence line for the vaccination from the doctor was that any solid evidence to the durability of natural infection to COVID was shown, on the contrary to the ‘vaccine protection’ durability.

“It is conceivable that you got infected, you’re protected, but you may not be protected for an indefinite period of time,” Fauci noted.

That was also a strange response given that the vaccine has proven so inept at offering lasting protection that booster shots are already being rolled out.

However, Fauci’s claim is directly disproved by the study that showed that natural immunity provided Israelis “longer-lasting Delta defence than vaccines”. According to the research, people who had two vaccine shots had a six-fold higher chance of getting infected with Delta than patients who hadn’t been vaccinated but previously contracted the coronavirus.

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Source: Summit News

Brazilian President Had to Eat Pizza Outside Restaurant as He is Not Vaccinated [Tweet]

After arriving for the UN General Assembly, Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, had to face a situation where he ate pizza on the sidewalk because he is not vaccinated and therefore banned from indoor dining in New York.

Even though most of the elite in New York shows little concern about the COVID restrictions when attending indoor events, the leader of a major country had to face such a situation when he was not able to eat inside a restaurant and was forced to stay outdoors to enjoy his pizza. The reason for this was only one – the absence of the vaccine inside his body.

Bolsonaro has repeatedly downplayed the threat of COVID, explaining that it is merely “the little flu”. Unfortunately, “the little flue” spoiled his life, if not in this, then in another way – an image posted to Twitter shows him and his delegation being forced to eat the pizza while standing outside because they were not allowed to enter a restaurant.

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Source: Summit News

A Driver Got Indignant as Eco-Protesters Blocked Motorway in UK [Video]

Eco-activists blocked motorways in the UK, causing a furious reaction of one driver giving the protesters a piece of his mind and noting that their actions are causing people to hate them instead of joining them.

The protesters, calling themselves ‘Insulate Britain’, sat in the road at a junction near London yesterday morning to block the traffic and ‘stop air pollution’. Interestingly, not a single police officer is seen nearby to help the drivers continue their route. One of the drivers stuck in the made-up traffic jam got so indignant at the situation that he came to the protesters to speak out his mind.

“You’re causing more pollution with all these cars sitting here just doing f*** all. This is not the way to do it. You’re wrecking lives and making people hate you,” exclaimed the man.

The group reportedly released a statement claiming that ‘actions will continue until the government makes a meaningful commitment to insulate all of Britain’s 29 million leaky homes by 2030, and all social housing by 2025’. However, according to The Daily Mail, the leader of the group, Liam Norton, hasn’t even turned his own house insulated.

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Source: Infowars

A Weirdo Called to Shame Local Woman for Not Wearing a Mask in Store [Video]

A shocking video picturing a masked man wearing a badge saying he has been vaccinated appeared on Twitter. It was shot by a woman whom he was following around a shop, trying to publicly shame her for not being vaccinated.

“You’re not going to follow me around in the store and point at me to people,” the woman insisted, but the weirdo kept following her and shaming her for non-compliance with the the ‘state requirement’.

Even though the woman tried to explain to him, it’s a personal issue and it’s only up to a separate person whether he wears a mask or not, the man was still pointing at her with his finger and blaming her for ‘not coming together’ with the rest of the society.

Appealing to authority, the man claimed his wife was a specialist in infectious diseases.

“It’s all of our job as a community to come together and make sure that people are shamed when they put the rest of us at risk,” he claimed.

However, this made quite a discussion, why the man considered himself to be at risk if he is vaccinated (to believe his badge) and has a protective mask on him.

You don’t know whether to laugh or cry, but some Internet users compared the incident to a scene out of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, where aliens replace humans and are largely indistinguishable aside from their obsession with conformity.

Outrageously sounds but still a fact – the CNN  TV journalist, Don Lemon, openly sided with the weirdo and insisted that unvaccinated Americans are “stupid” and people should “start shaming them” publicly.

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Source: Summit News

Taliban Caught Playing With Pedal Boats [Tweet]

If previously, a number of Taliban members were caught on camera engaged in various recreational activities, such as riding bumper cars and carousels or bouncing on a trampoline, now they have decided to take part in some aquatic recreations. This time they were spotted riding swan-shaped pedal boats at a lake in Band-e Amir national park.

It is worth noting that some of the men in these photos carry small arms, with at least one militant touting an RPG-7 rocket-propelled grenade launcher.

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Source: Sputnik