Green Party: No More Weekend Trips for Swedes

Swedes must stop weekend trips to London and New York in order to save the “climate”. This is what outgoing Minister of Environment Isabella Lövin (MP) tells DN.

Green Party’s Isabella Lövin now demands that Swedes stop weekend trips abroad to cope with the so-called climate change.

“We will definitely stop weekend trips to London and New York,” she says to DN.

Isabella Lövin also believes that the people who have the most money should take the greatest “responsibility” for saving the climate.

“These people need to make more sacrifices,” she points out.

According to Lövin, who announced her resignation both as Minister of State and as spokesperson of the Green Party, it is not enough for wealthy Swedes to buy a Tesla and then think they have a good conscience.

Forsided, 4.1.2021
Source: Fria Tider

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