Sergey Markov: Active preparation took place in support of Navalny protests

Sergey Markov, Russian political scientist and journalist, explained how the passed rallies in Russia were prepared.

On his Facebook page Sergey Markov wrote:

“Navalny. There was an active preparation for the massive rallies on January 23 in support of Navalny. In fact, 2 protests were being prepared.
The first, a protest of political activists. It will be a series of pickets in different cities with the slogans Freedom to Navalny. And apparently, small rallies in the capital cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The second, riots involving students and schoolchildren. For this there is a massive tik-tok campaign. The goal is to achieve forceful dispersal and police violence against youth. Ideal for organizers for the police to spill the blood of some student or schoolchildren. To trigger youth generational solidarity against the police and create a spiral of violence. Also, to create anger of adults against the actions of the police on the principle of “they are children!”

That is, it is proposed to repeat the same model that was used in Kiev on November 30, 2013. That model worked perfectly and led to the overthrow of the legitimate president in a 2014 coup d’état. Obviously, the same people who organized the coup d’etat in Ukraine are now preparing the mass riots on January 23. They want to repeat what they did in poor Ukraine.”

Forsided, 26.1.2021

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