The West: We Do Something Wrong? Rolls Royce Made Record Sales in Russia

The deputy director of the Garnegie incubator, known for its strategic planning in the West, wonders that “we may have done something wrong,” commenting on the record sales by Rolls-Royce to Russia in 2020.

Rolls-Royce’s popularity in Russia is apparently a sign to Carnegie’s director of “appalling economic performance” as he sees sales growth showing that “we may have done something wrong”.

The UK-based carmaker has celebrated the best year ever on the Russian market and announced last month that it managed to beat last year’s record, delivering more than 200 cars to Russian customers.

“Russia has strengthened its position as the brand’s largest market in continental Europe,” Rolls-Royce said.

So the good news for one is the bad news for another. Andrew Weiss, director of the Carnegie International Peace Fund (CEIP), pointed out on Monday that “we may be doing something wrong”.

Forsided, 22.02.2021

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