Russian Diplomats Returned Back Home on a Railcar Due to The Closed Borders in North Korea [Video]

Eight Russian employees of the Russian Embassy in North Korea and their family members returned back to Russia on February 25. Since the borders have been closed for more than a year and passenger traffic has been stopped, they had to walk on foot to the Russian border.

“At first, 32 hours by train, then another two hours by bus to the border and, finally, the most important part of the route – walking on foot to the Russian side. To do this, you need to make a cart in advance, put it on the rails, place things on it, seat the children – and go,” Russian Foreign Ministry writes.

It took more than a kilometer to push this entire structure by rail. The most important section is the bridge over the Tumannaya River.

Forsided, 26.02.2021

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