Mayor of The City in Argentina Vaccinated With a Portrait of Putin in His Hands

The mayor of the city of Roca Perez in Argentina, Juan Carlos Gasparini, came to be vaccinated against the coronavirus with a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The mayor posted a photo from the vaccination center on his Twitter.

“I got vaccinated! Thank you, [President] Alberto Fernandez, [Governor] Axel Kisilof, [Vice President] Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. They said they would poison us and they save our lives,” he wrote, illustrating the message with a photograph. In the photo, he is given an injection, while he is holding a photograph of Putin in his hands.

“I brought the photo because I am proud of him, everyone said he was going to poison us and he is saving our lives,” said the mayor.

Forsided, 05.03.2021

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