Demonstration by More Than a Thousand Illegal Immigrants in Tenerife: “Take us to The Mainland!” [Video]

A large number of illegal immigrants and activists supporting them protested in Tenerife in the Canary Islands and demanded that the Spanish government relocate them to mainland Europe.

About 1,200 illegal immigrants from Africa and their supporters staged a demonstration last Saturday marching through the streets of San Cristóbal de La Laguna. The migrants claimed that the conditions in the camps in which they currently live are “intolerable” and require a “departure from the Canary Islands”.

“Hundreds of migrants in the Canary Islands are showing demand for privileges and aid that the government denies to the Spanish,” the leading nationalist party VOX wrote. “They attack our borders and break the law repeatedly and with complete impunity. They don’t come to pay us pensions, they come to live off the Spanish.”

VOX leader Santiago Abascal condemns Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and his administration for opening the borders and forcing draconian medical tyranny on citizens and business owners.

“The Spaniards were locked up and destroyed. The illegals, called and brought by the government, occupying the streets,” Abascal wrote. “Sánchez’s steamroller only crushes law, order, economy, and coexistence.”

The local police noticed a massive rally, but reportedly refused to intervene against the demonstration despite the current and strict violations of COVID restrictions.

“We don’t understand how this gathering is allowed. A thousand people are shouting without distance to each other, and nothing is happening,” the local couple told commenters to the media.

Forsided, 10.03.2021

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