Nearly 1,000 crimes with a possible ‘honor’ motive were recorded by Swedish police last year

⁣It was the first full year in which the police added a so-called ‘honor mark’ to any offences reported that might have been motivated by wanting to defend the reputation of a family or community where there is an ‘honor culture’.⁣

“The purpose of introducing this marking was that the police should be able to detect the cases as early as possible where there is reason to investigate whether there is a motive for honor,” said Jenny Edin, commissioner and national process leader for the police’s work against honor-related crime, in an interview with Sveriges Radio.⁣

The mark was attached to 980 crime reports in 2020, according to the police. The figure may change, however, because it can be removed if an investigation shows that the crime has no honor motive.

Forsided, 12.03.2021
Source: RT Instagram

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