Putin Responded to Biden: “Whatever You Say About Others Is What You Are Yourself”

Russian President Vladimir Putin replies to Joe Biden insinuation that he’s a ‘killer,’ suggests US leader is talking about himself but wishes him ‘good health’.

On March 18, Vladimir Putin suggested that Biden may be projecting, noting that evaluating other countries “is like looking in a mirror.” The President answered using a Russian proverb.

“Now with regard to the statement of my American colleague. We really, as he said, we know personally with him. And what would I answer him? I would tell him: be healthy! I wish him good health. I say this without irony or jokes,” Putin said.

“When I was a kid, when we were arguing with each other in the playground, we used to say, ‘Whatever you say [about others] is what you are yourself,'” the Russian president said.

“The meaning is very deep in this, psychological. We always see our own qualities in another person. And we think that he is the same as we are,” added Putin.

Previously, in an interview with ABC on March 17, George Stephanopoulos asked Biden if he thought Russian President Vladimir Putin was a “a killer.” “Mmm hmm, I do,”  Biden replied.

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Forsided, 18.03.2021

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