Russian Foreign Minister Wears a Mask: “FCKNG QRNTN” [Video]

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was presented with a face mask, the inscription on which can be deciphered as “fucking quarantine.” The mask was presented to him by journalists during a visit to China while being on a ship on the Lijiang River.

“The journalists presented Lavrov a mask. Both the mask and the inscription fit the minister,” the Russian Foreign Ministry stated in their Tiktok account.

In the video, the Foreign Minister poses wearing a black mask that says FKNG QRNTN.


Журналисты пула подарили С.В.Лаврову маску. И маска, и надпись пришлись Министру впору

♬ original sound – МИД России

Forsided, 22.03.2021

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