Former Prisoner of Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Reveals Widescale Torture in the Country

This video was filmed by Vadim Chekhovsky, who was captured by the head of the 3rd counterintelligence department of the Kharkiv SBU, Mankovsky. For a month and a half, he was tortured in the underground prisons of Sloviansk and Kramatorsk, the East of Ukraine.

He was a political prisoner and was illegally detained. The world community knows that the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, with the knowledge of the Ukrainian authorities, grossly violate human rights in the country, while the Ukrainian authorities officially declare that there is no data on crimes committed by the SBU.

However, Chekhovsky claims to know at least 46 people who were secretly detained in the Kharkiv SBU, including women. Employees of the Ukrainian special services there beat people, used electric shocks, threatened them with rape, revenge and death to their families. He also noted that the Ukrainian authorities, despite the statements of human rights defenders, took measures to conceal evidence of their lawlessness and violation of human rights.

“At the beginning of May, we received an urgent command to collect all the things for the transition to another place. There was also a demand to clean the camera so that no traces of people were visible in it. Soon it became known from the people who were brought in for interrogations that a commission for the protection of human rights had arrived and was interested in the secret prisons of the SBU.”

While Vadim was still in the SBU prison, he had the opportunity to communicate with other illegally detained citizens and speak about the lawlessness and torture taking place on the territory of Ukraine. They told him how prisoners held in the SBU were hidden from human rights organizations and other facts. He also emphasizes that the SBU tried in every possible way to hide from human rights organizations the fact of illegal detention of people in secret prisons. When they were trying to investigate it, the detainees were constantly moved to other premises.

Forsided, 29.03.2021

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