Youtube Removes Videos of Florida’s Official Panel Discussion Featuring Anti-Lockdown Health Experts

YouTube has removed a video of a public health meeting hosted by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and medical experts to express sceptical views about the COVID lockouts. According to Youtube, videotaping is against its community rules.

The nearly two-hour video was first aired on Florida’s CBS subsidiary channel in mid-March, where the state governor spoke at length in the Florida state capital with four public health experts who participated in a discussion about Stanford University, Oxford University, and Harvard.

While the roundtable discussion is still available via an archived link, YouTube removed the video this week: “This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”

RT contacted YouTube and Tampa Bay’s CBS subsidiary WTSP for more information but received no immediate response.

In recent months, YouTube has stepped up its censorship efforts, especially concerning the ongoing corona pandemic and the vaccines developed to combat it.

In a panel hosted by the World Economic Forum (WEF) earlier this week, Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki praised the platform’s “very high ability to hunt for false information and other infringing content” and “significantly reduce it over time”.

“If you look at where we were in 2017… we have reduced this to more than 70%. And this is due to the incredible amount of hard work with the machines, and also to improving our policies,” she said. “Not only did we quickly remove content that violated our policies, but we also created more new policies.”

Forsided, 08.04.2021
Source: RT News

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