Facebook Won’t Notify 500 Million Affected by Hack

According to news reports, Facebook didn’t notify 500 million users affected by a recent hack and doesn’t plan on doing so.

Business Insider reported that phone numbers and other details from user profiles were leaked on a public database last week. Facebook confirmed by stating that “malicious actors” exploited a vulnerability in the platform’s tool for synching contacts before Sept. 2019.

“The Facebook spokesman said the social media company was not confident it had full visibility on which users would need to be notified,” reported Reuters. “He said it also took into account that users could not fix the issue and that the data was publicly available in deciding not to notify users. Facebook has said it plugged the hole after identifying the problem at the time.

Facebook’s response to the hack isn’t surprising. However, it’s also worth pointing out that it’s possible 500 million people weren’t really affected, given how many fake “bot” profiles exist on the site.

Forsided, 09.04.2021

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