Only Vaccinated People Were Evacuated From Volcanic Eruptions in The Caribbean

Over the weekend, about 20,000 people fled their homes due to a volcanic eruption in the Caribbean on St. Vincent Island. However, only people with a vaccine passport who can prove that they have been vaccinated against the coronavirus received help with the evacuation.

St. Vincent Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves declared that only vaccinated people can be evacuated from the Caribbean island following the eruption of a nearby volcano.

“The chief medical officer would be identifying the persons already vaccinated so that we can get them on the ship,” Gonsalves said, reiterating that “those that are vaccinated, she can get them going on the vessel.”

“Those who are not yet vaccinated but who would be vaccinated, you wouldn’t send them immediately after vaccination,” he said, because of the possible side effects like “wooziness in the head.”

Forsided, 12.04.2021

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