CNN Crew Attacked by Antifa Protesters in Minnesota Riots [Video]

Video out of Minnesota shows a CNN crew being attacked by Antifa and BLM protesters before being chased out of the area. It can be said that now CNN tasted its own medicine when protesters violently attacked a U.S. mainstream media newsgroup. 

At least one of the filming team was wounded and the group fled the scene chased by militants.

The clip shows a man who was part of the CNN crew working with Miguel Marquez being struck on the head by an object, presumed to be a full water bottle, before falling to the ground.

A second clip shows the same man and Marquez fleeing the scene as they are pelted by more objects before beating a hasty retreat.

Below is a video of BLM / Antifa’s fight against the authorities last night:

Forsided, 15.04.2021

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