Estonian MP Lies in Bed, Smokes, Listens to Music During Parliament Meeting [Video]

Tarmo Kruuzimäe, a member of the Estonian parliament was working from home and got tired of waiting in line to ask a question at the meeting of the parliament. So he decided to undress, lie down, turn on music and smoke a cigarette.

It was at this moment that his turn came to ask a question. However, for some reason, the PM did not react – and all his colleagues saw what he was doing remotely. Рe just lay on the bed, smoked and looked at the screen.

“This is the beauty and disaster of working remotely. I consider the Riigikogu a very important body. I had what is called shit happens, Kruuzimäe told the Estonian newspaper Kroonika.

Forsided, 16.04.2021

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