New Social Media Platform “Frank” Has Launched in USA

Mike Lindell‘s new social media platform “Frank”, which became famous due to election fraud in the United States, began operations late Monday afternoon.

A 48-hour Frankathon is currently underway, with Mike serving as the master of ceremonies at an event where several public figures are broadcasting remotely. In addition to Lindell. There have been people like Steve Bannon, Diamond and Silk and General Michael Flynn.

A few hours after the start of the broadcast, the number of viewers displayed on the “scoreboard” had already risen to 80 million. Viewers were said to be from at least 195 countries, that is, from all over the world.

The MyPillow CEO said in a live video on the site that users would be able to sign up “sometime today.”

The start of the broadcast was somewhat delayed because the platform had been the target of a cyber attack. However, it was that information war that made the new platform so necessary, as the banishing policies of the older social media platforms not only forced many to look for a new home, it itself was probably part of that information warfare. 

Forsided, 20.04.2021
Source: Frankspeech

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