South Korean Fishermen Protest Against Japan’s Nuclear Wastewater In Ocean [Video]

South Korean fishermen staged demonstrations at sea to protest the Japanese government’s decision to dump contaminated water from the destroyed Fukushima ]nuclear plant into the ocean, claiming thousands of livelihoods will be wrecked.

In Yeosu, southwestern South Korea, about 150 fishing vessels were mobilized for a massive maritime demonstration on Monday. The brightly lit ships carrying banners condemning Tokyo’s decision to release radioactive water circled around islands off Yeosu for hours.

Early last week, Tokyo announced its decision to start releasing massive amounts of radioactive water, which has been stored in tanks at the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant, in two years. Japan claims there will be no negative impact on human health or the environment from the release of the water. But Tokyo’s decision has drawn protests from local fishermen and raised concerns from neighbouring areas in Japan.

The Korean YWCA went even further, accusing Tokyo of a “criminal act that will drive all of mankind to death through generations”.

Forsided, 22.04.2021

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