Persecution of Nationalists: American Patriots On No-Fly List in US [Video]

American patriot, Nick Fuentes, 22, showed on video that he was on the no-fly list of no-fly bans, but the reason for that was not agreed. The leader of the nationalist Groyper movement in the United States was going to attend a press conference in Florida.

When he was to board the plane at O’Hare Airport in Chicago on Tuesday, he was not allowed to check in. Fuentes then booked a new flight with another airline, which refused to give him a boarding pass.

The staff contacted the TSA, the Swedish Transport Safety Agency, and was then informed that Fuentes was not allowed to fly.

The US so-called No-Fly List was introduced after the 9/11 attacks in 2001, on the grounds that Muslim terrorists would be prevented from boarding aircraft. But now the flight ban seems to be affecting those who took part in the Trump demonstration in Washington in January. Nick Fuentes took part in the demonstration, but not in the short-lived conquest of the government building that took place elsewhere.

The video below shows the man on the no-fly list:

FOX news anchor Tucker Carlson warned that Americans who supported Trump have been put on a no-fly list:

Forsided, 28.04.2021
Source: Fria Tider

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