Hundreds Injured After Israeli Forces Storm Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem

More than 200 injuries have been reported after Israeli forces raided Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, for the second time since Friday, amid soaring tensions over Israeli plans to evict Palestinian families from their homes forcibly.

Israeli security personnel used tear gas and stun grenades while storming the holy site, according to eyewitness reports. At least 215 people have been injured, according to the Palestine Red Crescent, resulting in 50 hospitalizations. Nine officers sustained injuries during the clashes, Israeli police said. 

Footage posted to social media appears to show a skirmish outside the mosque between Palestinians and Israeli forces. Protesters can be seen throwing rocks as loud bangs are heard, likely from crowd-control munitions being fired by police.

The violence comes after more than 200 Palestinians were injured in clashes with police across Jerusalem on Friday and into the weekend. On Friday night, Israeli police deployed large forces to Al-Aqsa mosque, where tens of thousands of Muslim worshipers had gathered for Ramadan prayers. The crowd started throwing chairs, rocks, and shoes at the police, who retaliated with rubber bullets, tear gas, and stun grenades. 

Jerusalem has seen days of protests and unrest stemming from growing anger over the planned forced eviction of several Palestinian families living on land inside annexed sections of East Jerusalem. Israel intends to give the land to Jewish settlers. 

Forsided, 10.05.2021

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