Dutch IKEA Store Asked Customers Without a Mask to Wear a Yellow Sticker Instead

A local IKEA branch in the Dutch city of Delft asked shoppers asked to wear a sticker if they were unable or unwilling to use a protective mask – causing a furore on social media over the weekend.

People on Twitter and social media quickly drew comparisons to World War II – one user tweeted: “IKEA has just reintroduced the Yellow Star”. In contrast, others said: “This really can’t be” and “What an incredible b*stard.”

The backlash continued online and a hashtag of ‘#BoycottIKEA’ started to gain momentum.

Tweet translation: “Ikea has just reintroduced the Yellow Star: anyone who doesn’t want to wear a mask must visibly place the yellow sticker on their jacket. This comes in hard to digest, and I can[not] describe what I am feeling right now. #BoycotIkea”

The Swedish furniture giant immediately stopped the branch handing out the stickers after the uproar. An IKEA spokesperson said: “We regret that the stickers have evoked negative associations among visitors. It was never our intention and we therefore apologise.”

Forsided, 13.05.2021

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