World Economic Forum Urges Companies to Fire Unvaccinated Workers

The World Economic Forum, a lobbyist for the Globalist League, tweeted a stirring call to dismiss unvaccinated workers. The WEF removed the tweet released on Monday after the scandal swelled against the organization’s “jobs reset” agenda.

After intense backlash, they deleted the initial tweet and uploaded another post with the same graphic and a tweaked caption.

“Get your COVID-19 jab – or you could face consequences from your employer #COVID19 #JobsReset21,” the original tweet posted on Monday read. The tweet was accompanied by a colourful graphic showcasing the purported poll numbers of companies that would fire employees for not taking the vaccine.

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An article on the WEF website that was linked in the posts made various claims based on polling data such as, “Forty percent of companies surveyed in a new report require all employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19,” “Employees will be encouraged but not required to get a jab by 32% of companies,” and, “Mental health concerns and burn-out have risen up the agenda since the onset of the pandemic.”

After receiving intense backlash on the tweet, the WEF unceremoniously deleted it, and quietly made a post with the graphic and link but with a different caption on Tuesday: “Survey: Will employees be required to get the COVID-19 vaccination? #COVID19 #JobsReset21“. The new post’s comments were quickly filled with screenshots of the first, deleted tweet.

Forsided, 20.05.2021

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