Florida Governor Signs Bill To Stop Big Tech Censorship

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Monday signed what he had termed ‘The Big Tech Bill’, seeking to protect state residents from big tech censorship and de-platforming.

“Silicon Valley thinks they know better than you. So their power up to this point has effectively been unchecked and they used this power to impose their orthodoxies and their ideology on our public square. This is not how a free society should operate,” said DeSantis.

The law, which also vows to fine social media platforms $250,000 a day for deplatforming a statewide candidate for elected office, shall require companies to become more transparent about how they draw conclusions regarding content moderation.

From now on, they shall be obliged to adhere consistently to those standards, said DeSantis at a press conference on Monday, where he also emphasized there was a problem when “Big Tech de-platformed the President of the United States”.

Forsided, 25.05.2021

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