Israeli Security Forces Arrest Al-Jazeera Journalist in Jerusalem [Video]

Israeli police assaulted Al Jazeera Arabic journalist Givara Budeiri while arresting her on Saturday and destroyed equipment belonging to Al Jazeera cameraman Nabil Mazzawi.

Budeiri was reporting on a sit-in marking the 54th anniversary of the Naksa (setback), a term Palestinians use to describe the Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in 1967.

The journalist was released from custody several hours after her arrest. Her arrest drew sharp condemnation from press freedom advocates and media watchdogs.

“They came from everywhere, I don’t know why, they kicked me to the wall,” Budeiri told Al Jazeera, moments after her release late on Saturday. “They kicked me inside the car in a very bad way … they were kicking me from everywhere.”

She said she was “treated as a criminal” when she was taken to the police station and prevented from removing her heavy flak jacket or closing her eyes. She said the police accused her of kicking a female soldier – an accusation she vehemently denied.

Budeiri said she was released on the condition that she does not go to Sheikh Jarrah for 15 days.

Forsided, 07.06.2021

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