Protest Across Karachi Over Illegal Land Grab by Pakistan Army

Mass protests rocked Karachi as the Baloch and Sindhi opposed the illegal land grab by the Pakistani army.

A few days ago, the BLF (Balochistan Liberation Front) revolutionaries had attacked the Bahria Icon Tower as a warning to Pakistani forces to desist from forcible land grabbing of the Baloch and Sindhi.

A day later, the Sindhi organizations carried out a protest march in Karachi against the illegal land grabbing by Pakistani troops, thereby expressing unequivocal support for the Baloch. The two peoples have united against the possible occupation of the land, which the Pakistani army is preparing.

The Pakistan Army is gradually and illegally gobbling up the ancient villages in the region under one pretext or the other. Recently, armed men along with police came with heavy machinery to destroy the historical old residences and homes of the Sindhi people.

People also mention that a private company, backed by the government, wants to implement a massive project in the area and construct “luxury” housing, which involves the demolition of some indigenous villages.

The Pakistani government has not commented on the situation at the moment.

Forsided, 08.06.2021

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