Indian Man Revives ‘Unconscious’ Snake Using Mouth to Mouth [Video]

A man in Malkangiri – a town in eastern India – saved the life of a snake that was at death’s door, using techniques based on the principle of mouth-to-mouth and cardiopulmonary (CPR) resuscitation, modified slightly, however, to suit the unusual situation and shape of the patient.

A video of the incident that happened on 30 May reportedly, has been going viral on social media.

The snake was discovered unconscious, with a thready heartbeat after having entered into a rat-hole, in search of food, the local media reported.

As the snake collapsed, the man inserted one end of a plastic straw inside the snake’s mouth and the other into his own. While gently massaging the snake’s head, the man breathed into the snake’s mouth using the straw and continued the process for 15 minutes.

The process worked and the snake regained consciousness. Later, it was released into a near-by forest, media reports added.

Forsided, 10.06.2021

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