Elon Musk’s Boring Company Tunnel Opens in Las Vegas [Video]

Elon Musk’s Boring Company officially opened its first underground tunnel loop in Las Vegas to the public on Tuesday. The authorities hope that the system can be extended to a city-wide metro.

Boring Company drills tunnels in several parts of the US, and the one in Las Vegas has come to be the first. The company has a permit to build tunnels between several known locations.

The concept is surprisingly simple: Avoid gridlock by taking traffic underground. Simplify the transport experience by putting high-tech vehicles on a one-way loop and delivering on-demand rides. 

The Boring Company has plans to extend the Loop from downtown Las Vegas, through the central tourist hub of the strip and out to the city’s stadium and airport.

At present, passengers in Tesla cars are transported with a person at the wheel, and the speed is low. However, the ambition is that the cars will drive themselves at full speed in something similar to a podcast system.

Forsided, 11.06.2021

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