5-Year-Old Twerk on The Streets of New York [Video]

Worrying questions arise from a recent video filmed in New York City where lunatics on the LGBT-Pride agenda cheered and applauded as a 5-year-old girl twerking on a city street.

The TikTok video shows a little girl who can’t be more than 5 or 6 years old sexually twerking on a New York street. Viewers applaud and encourage her to continue.

“We all need this confidence in life,” says the text that accompanies the clip, which shows a child performing a dance routine while one black woman simulates a pounding on her back.

Another African American woman then joins in by performing a sexually suggestive dance with the child. Another woman happily records the show on her cell phone as New York celebrates Pride Month.

“Elect me as president and my one pledge is that I will have every adult involved with this kind of shit arrested. I have no other plans. Just that,” Matt Walsh tweeted.

Forsided, 15.06.2021

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