Dubai Nail Salon Carries Out Microchip Manicures [Video]

A beauty salon in Dubai is carrying out “microchip manicures” where tiny microchips that act as digital business cards are planted on a customer’s fingernail, with the chip eventually intended to be used for contactless payments and digital menus.

“We install the information that you want, like your name, your mobile number, your social media accounts and website as well,” Lanour Beauty Lounge founder Nour Makarem told CNN.

The COVID-19 pandemic has evidently helped generate interest in the procedure, with the beauty parlor already claiming it has marked 500 customers with the chip.

Once scanned, it is possible to read and write the data and within second, information is on the microchip.

The chips also make use of use near field communication (NFC) technology to connect with other mobile devices.

Forsided, 23.06.2021
Source: Summit News

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