Facebook Helps Brainwash Children With Maths Lessons That Teach To Use ‘Correct’ Pronouns [Tweet]

Facebook has been accused of helping to brainwash children as young as five with maths lessons that teach pupils to use the ‘correct’ pronouns for ‘non-binary’ people.

Lesson packs for Key Stage 1 pupils aged five to seven tell children that people have a ‘gender identity’ that may not match their sex at birth, and that some people feel like they are neither male nor female. 

The packs include lessons which appear to give more importance to the use of pronouns than sums.

One question says: ‘Harley, (a non-binary and gender-non-conforming person using they/them pronouns) has volunteered to give bottles of water to runners of a Marathon [sic]. They have 15 bottles of water but there are a total of 25 runners in the marathon. How many more bottles of water does Harley need to buy?’

In accompanying notes, teachers are told: ‘Explain that Harley does not like to be referred to as he/she or him/her so when we describe Harley we use they/them.’

The teaching materials were produced by Just Like Us, a charity whose director of education is Emma Fay, a self-described ‘queer’ charity worker.

Although, social media is full of growing concern in about trans activists’ influence in the public sector, the UK Department for Education has publicly backed the Just Like Us campaign.

Forsided, 28.06.2021

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