TikTok is The Leader in Spreading Suicide Content

TikTok is the leader in spreading suicide content. About 1.7 thousand videos have been found that have ever had such a theme, reports Izvestia.

Experts from the Association of Professional Users of Social Networks and Messengers have identified about 1.7 thousand videos promoting suicide among teenagers on TikTok. As noted by experts, this is the highest indicator among large media formats.

“The Association is concerned that TikTok has become the absolute leader in the distribution of content with hashtags related to ‘death groups’, and asks Roskomnadzor to take action against foreign social networks in connection with unsatisfactory work to combat suicidal tendencies,” quoted the text of the appeal “Izvestia”.

The survey was conducted from late March to early June. The experts also analyzed the content posted on Facebook, Instagram and Vkontakte.

Meanwhile, TikTok has already given a comment. The company noted that about 95% of videos containing suicidal content are deleted even before they have time to receive complaints.

“Of these videos, 94.4% were removed before complaints were made, and 91.9% were removed within 24 hours of publication. We care about the well-being and health of our community, and we show users who are looking for similar content in our application, dedicated support resources and a helpline. We also encourage users and organizations to send us complaints about any inappropriate content found on TikTok – we consider such requests and take immediate action,” the company’s press service said.

Roskomnadzor confirmed the receipt of the appeal from the association. Furthermore, they clarified that if the content is recognized as prohibited and social networks do not voluntarily remove it, they will face a fine. Since the beginning of 2021, the regulator has somehow managed to remove about 40 thousand links to such content.

Forsided, 29.06.2021
Source: Izvestia

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