Biden: Most Patriotic Thing You Can Do is Vaccinate Yourself [Tweet]

Joe Biden gave his speech on U.S. Independence Day to urge Americans to get vaccinated, suggesting they will fulfil their patriotic duty by doing so and safeguard “the hard-worn progress” in the fight against the pandemic.

“My fellow Americans, that’s the most patriotic thing you can do, so, please, if you haven’t got vaccinated, do it now: for yourself, for your family, for your community and for your country,” Biden said, speaking from the south lawn of the White House on Sunday.

While Biden’s speech mostly focused on the role vaccination plays in the return to normal life, the president appealed to his political opponents, arguing that a united front is needed to “beat the virus” and “rescue” the nation from “division and despair.”

Forsided, 05.07.2021
Source: RT

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