Stadiums Full of Audiences, But TV Shows Only Empty Part [Video]

In a television picture of the recent UEFA match, the auditorium is almost empty. A recent video reveals the BBC propaganda, the misleading COVID narrative of the mainstream media, as the stadium is full of people behind the TV camera.

“Look up how corrupted the BBC is. They make like the stadion is empty on the television, so that they will see this. Then you come here onwards, this side, it’s a full stadion, not one seat empty. Not one seat empty. And then you go back to television again, it’s an empty stadion. Corruption in BBC,” commented the man who shot the video of the UEFA match (video below).

The number of people that can attend the stadium at EURO 2020 depended on the country. London hosted only 25% of its fans in the first match of the 1/8 finals. For the second match of the 1/8 finals, semi-finals and finals, the capacity increased up to 75%.

Forsided, 07.07.2021

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