Thousands Of COVID-19 Vaccine Injured in US Asking For Help [Video]

Tens of thousands of COVID-19 vaccine injured in the U.S. begging for help as the medical community turns their back on them.

As Big Tech, the Biden Administration, Hollywood, politicians, employers and health care providers around the nation galvanize the public to undergo Covid vaccination, the number of casualties who have died or suffer life-threatening effects from the experimental mRNA injections continues to climb.

Despite the unrelenting effort to censor “vaccine hesitancy,” thousands who are experiencing the vaccines’ ill effects are resorting to a private Facebook group to sound the alarm on the medical malpractice.

They still have a voice to speak out, which is why they made a video that was recently published by a group that calls themselves “Vax Longhaulers.”

Forsided, 09.07.2021

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