Twitter Begins Complying With New Regulations in India [Tweet]

Twitter pledged to “fully comply” with India’s recent internet rule changes – including making them more accountable to legal requests for swift removal of posts and sharing details of post originators.

The media corporation announced the news in a court filing on Thursday following a lengthy legal battle with the Indian government over new IT rules.

California-based Twitter Inc. has recently posted job openings for the position of a chief compliance officer, nodal officer and grievance officer for its India branch on Linkedin. In its Thursday filing to the Delhi High Court, the company promised to fill all the required positions with Indian residents within eight weeks. It also announced it is setting up a liaison office in India.

Twitter had faced potential jail terms for executives if they had not complied with the rules, critics argue that the regulations curtail privacy and free speech.

Forsided, 09.07.2021

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