Only Store Not Looted in South African Mall is a Book Shop [Video]

A new video has emerged in which a South African woman points out the irony of the only outlet in a shopping mall remaining completely untouched by looters being a bookstore.

After showing electronics and clothing stores that have been completely cleaned out, the video cuts to a book shop that looks totally pristine.

“The bookstore is completely untouched, this is ridiculous, I’m not even making this up,” the woman remarks.

More than a hundred people have been killed and 2,000 arrested in recent days in South Africa. Hundreds of shops have been looted and destroyed.

Many South Africans have armed themselves with shotguns, pistols, garden shovels, baseball bats or machetes to defend themselves and their property. The violence calmed down somewhat yesterday, but the situation is still very worrying.

As the result, the South African government has decided to deploy 25,000 troops to stop the violence and looting in the country. 

Forsided, 16.07.2021

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