Merkel’s Successor Slammed For Laughing During German President’s Speech About Floods [Video]

German chancellor candidate Armin Laschet thought it was a good time to crack a joke when President Steinmeier was addressing the public about the devastating floods that have taken the lives of more than 100 Germans.

The leader of the CDU party has found himself in hot water after he was filmed laughing as the German president expressed solidarity with the victims of the devastating flooding.

The incident occurred during President Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s visit to Erftstadt – a small town in western Germany. Steinmeier arrived in Erftstadt on Saturday to express his sympathies and promise assistance to the disaster victims.

The video quickly spread on social media and sparked a wave of indignation among both politicians and ordinary citizens. 

Hashtag #LaschetDarfNichtKanzlerWerden (Laschet must not be Chancellor) also started trending on Twitter.

Forsided, 19.07.2021

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