UK Sunbathers Confronted by Migrants Who Land on Beach & Run-Off [Video]

Sunbathers in the UK were left shocked this morning when a boat of 30 illegal migrants landed on a beach and then all quickly ran off. 

Footage shows them fleeing the boat, which arrived at Oldstairs Bay, Kingsdown, Kent, and then run “all over the place in every direction”.

It is the latest migrant boat to arrive after crossing the Channel, but this one managed to land directly on the beach rather than be picked up by Border Force patrols in the water.

“They managed to get on land and then just ran all over the place in every direction. They looked like they’d won the lottery. They were very pleased.”

Within five minutes a police car had arrived but none of them were still there. 

Forsided, 19.07.2021
Source: The Sun

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