Hostage Drama in Swedish Prison – Required Pizzas & Helicopters [Photo]

Two prison guards who were taken hostage at a prison near the city of Eskilstuna, Sweden have been safely released after demands of 20 kebab pizzas for inmates were allegedly met.

It’s reported that two prisoners, both convicted of murder, rushed a guard station with razor blades and ceased a pair of COs at a prison near the city of Eskilstuna, Sweden.

The prisoners were reportedly demanding a helicopter. They also promised to release a hostage if all 20 inmates in their ward received kebab pizza.

The guards have been freed and were unharmed and the two prisoners are in police custody once more waiting to be charged.

Once the kebab pizzas were ready they were delivered to the prison. After the pizzas were delivered, one of the hostages was later released as promised. Later, the second hostage was also released.

“The two perpetrators have now been arrested and taken to the police station in Eskilstuna. Crime classification is kidnapping in two cases,” the police said.

However, the pizza baker that baked the twenty kebab pizzas has still not been paid. “They just took them and said nothing”, says the snotty pizza baker.

Forsided, 22.07.2021

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