Thousands Rally in Italy Against Green Pass Restrictions for Unvaccinated Citizens [Videos]

After the Italian government followed other European countries in announcing mandatory vaccine passports, Italians hit the streets to protest the measure, with demonstrators in Turin shouting, “No dictatorship!”

Mario Draghi’s government is seeking to increase vaccination rates within the country by mandating all Italians must get the vaccine. From 5 August, entry to stadiums, museums, theatres, cinemas, exhibition centres, swimming pools and gyms will only be allowed upon presentation of a “green pass.”

Irate Italians in Turin reacted by immediately hitting the streets.

The crowd chanted, “No green pass, no green pass!”, “No dictatorship, no dictatorship!” and “freedom, freedom!” during the demonstration.

The new measures were justified by “a spike in infections driven by the Delta variant.” 

Forsided, 23.07.2021

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