Massive Protests Against COVID Restrictions Around the World [Videos]

The patience of many people around the world with the pandemic restrictions is starting to wane. Massive protests were taking place in several cities around the world. 

In Paris, police clashed with protesters, which also happened the day before in Australia, where thousands of people demonstrated in the country’s major cities.

The footage below shows how several thousand people marched along the streets of London and several other major cities on Saturday.

175 French towns and cities were out in force against Macron’s tyrannical covid passports. In Paris, police cracked down on both tear gas and water cannons to disperse protesters demanding their civil liberties and rights.

Thousands on the streets of Amsterdam as the world protests against coronavirus restrictions.

In Australia, thousands took to the streets in coordinated demonstrations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Current strict restrictions, which apply during the last five weeks, stipulate that a maximum of two people can meet outdoors.

In Sydney, around 10-15,000 people have marched along Broadway and George Street in the direction of Sydney Town Hall. New South Wales’ chief of police, however, gives the figure 3,500 people.

Many carried signs with messages such as “Wake up Australia”, “No more shutdowns” and “No to vaccination passes”. In Sydney, the demonstrations led to several clashes between police and protesters. The protesters broke through the police barricades and were then met by a large police force with both mounted and riot-equipped police.

A special force of 22 men has now been appointed with the task of identifying all of those who participated in what the police chief calls a “super-spreader event”.

The protest also took place in Japan, Sweden, Finland and Italy. The Police in Florence, Italy, march with protesters as well at the anti covid passport demonstration.

Forsided, 26.07.2021

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