Social Media Users Suspect Boris Johnson of Having Some Troubles With Umbrellas [Video]

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson braved the rainy weather to visit Surrey Police headquarters to talk about the government’s new plan to tackle crimes. However, it was not his ‘chain-gangs’ initiative that has attracted so much attention online.

The prime minister had quite a wet and frosty reception at Surrey Police headquarters on Tuesday following an announcement that most police officers across the country will be hit with a pay freeze. It was raining heavily at the moment, and despite the prime minister having an umbrella ready at his disposal, it didn’t really help.

As images of the drenched prime minister with a brolly in his hand were making rounds on social media, users went on to discuss what could have possibly gone wrong. Some joked that it was probably the first time the prime minister had held an umbrella in his life.

“Most Boris Johnson thing ever – gets interviewed outdoors in heavy rain and doesn’t even know how to use an umbrella to keep rain off,” one user commented.

“Boris Johnson still managing to get wet under an umbrella yes that’s the Prime Minister,” another one sarcastically announced.

Forsided, 28.07.2021

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