Chaos in Italian Parliament Over Vaccine Passport Plans [Video]

Chaos erupted in the Italian parliament earlier over plans to introduce domestic vaccine passports, with MPs holding up protest signs that said “no green pass.”

A video clip shows one MP being pursued by security officials as he attempts to hold the sign aloft before fleeing the chamber.

However, he is followed by numerous other MPs holding the same sign who then move to occupy the room.

The Italian government has introduced one of the most draconian versions of the vaccine passport in Europe.

From next month, anyone wishing to enter cinemas, theatres, exhibitions, museums, sporting events, private parties, festivals, trade fairs, swimming pools, and gyms will have to prevent proof of vaccination or negative COVID infection status.

“The pass will also be mandatory for all those wishing to access restaurants, bars, and pastry shops,” reports SchengenVisaInfo.

Tourists entering the country will also be mandated to sign up for the green pass.

Forsided, 30.07.2021

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