Slovakia Joins Protest Against Covid Vaccination Law [Video]

Hundreds flocked onto Bratislava’s streets and obstructed traffic in the capital, to protest against a recently passed law granting fully Covid-vaccinated people easier access into public venues than non-vaccinated citizens.

Protesters poured into Bratislava en masse on Thursday, blocking key roads and the presidential palace to demonstrate their opposition to the recent coronavirus vaccination law. Several of the protesters made demands from the government and president to give power back to “the people”, with others warning that the law was creating a two-tiered society between the non-vaccinated and the fully inoculated. 

The recent legislation, approved on Sunday by the parliament and signed by the president, Zuzana Caputova, immediately gave authorities the right to impose restrictions on non-vaccinated people should the coronavirus situation escalate.

Non-vaccinated citizens would be required to produce a negative coronavirus test or show proof of recovery from the illness before entering establishments such as restaurants. Meanwhile, citizens fully vaccinated against Covid are able to enter public spaces more easily by confirming their vaccination status.

Slovakia’s Prime Minister Eduard Heger expressed concern at the protests, commenting that “everyone has the right to express their opinion, but they should do so politely and without restricting the freedom of others.”

Forsided, 30.07.2021

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