Giant Anti-Vaccination Demonstrations Continue – Third Weekend in a Row [Videos]

Worldwide protests against the vaccine passports and mandatory vaccination continued this weekend. Thousands of participants across France and Germany and other countries took part in the demonstrations.

Huge demonstrations against mandatory vaccination sessions took place all over France on Saturday. 

French media reports on tens of thousands of participants. According to reports, demonstrations were taking place in about 150 cities.

Earlier this week, a new law was passed in France that makes vaccine passes mandatory for anyone who wants to go to a restaurant, fly or travel by long-distance train. According to the decree, vaccine passports are already a requirement in France to be able to go to museums, cinemas or visit a swimming pool.

Many protesters believe that the requirement for a vaccination passport creates a “health apartheid”.  “We create a segregated society. It is inconceivable that this happens in a country built on human rights,” said one of the protesters.

“Macron resignation!” (Resign Macron!), The people chant in one of France’s most wealthy cities, Aix-en-Provence, in southeastern France.

Both tear gas and water cannons were used but the police were forced to back away from the overwhelming crowd.

Some problems arose when the police withdrew. In the background, police officers are seen carrying a arrested man, whom they drop in the street as they run to rescue their colleagues.

Chaos On The Streets Of Berlin

The demonstration in Berlin, Germany become the focal point as thousands took to the streets, rising up against lockdowns and the introduction of vaccine passports in the country.

Footage from the weekend highlighted riot police fighting with protesters, pepper spraying people and even aggressively pushing around old women and children. The AP reports that 600 people were arrested.

More shocking scenes from the Berlin demonstration as police shove a young boy who is already in shock and upset as his mother is dragged away.

Forsided, 02.08.2021

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