Australia Enforces “Social Distancing” Regulations With New Spy Camera Software [Video]

The Australian government has enforced extreme COVID restrictions. The experiment includes a spy system for public spaces that alerts when citizens violate the requirements of maintaining “social distancing”.

Australian 9 News reports on technical surveillance that can identify people and know when they are breaking social distancing rules. The streets are monitored by camera systems that are in trial use by security authorities.

The goal of the system is to detect possible illegal gatherings of people, of which it warns big brother supervisors. The expert interviewed says that the system allows for observations that will lead to infrastructure being developed in a direction where citizens are unable to face each other unintentionally in violation of regulations, such as rearranging furniture in public spaces.

The mainstream media celebrates the “development” and states that the new social distance monitoring system can be extended to airports, shopping malls and other heavily populated public places.

Forsided, 03.08.2021

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