Amazon Will Give a Whole $10 For Biometric Data

Amazon has announced plans to collect consenting customers’ biometric data through their Amazon palm-scanning pay points for the princely sum of $10.

The promotion says people must connect their palm print to their Amazon account to claim the reward, though it’s not clear exactly where it’s available.

“The dystopian future of science fiction is now,” said one security tech executive. “It’s horrifying that Amazon is asking people to sell their bodies, but it’s even worse that people are doing it for such a low price.”

“Biometric data is one of the only ways that companies and governments can track us permanently. The more we normalize these tactics, the harder they will be to escape. If we don’t [draw a] line in the sand here, I am very fearful what our future will look like.”

The Big Tech behemoth said they plan to store the data indefinitely unless customers opt-out.

Amazon launched Amazon One in September last year, presenting it as an easy way to pay in the company’s stores, as well as a future identity service to be used by other venues and businesses.

Forsided, 04.08.2021

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