Lithuania Border Guards Use Weapons Against Illegals

Border guards in Lithuania have been authorized to use “deterrent actions” to reject illegal migrants, adding that guards would not use violence. However, the Belarusian border guards claim to record the use of force and weapons by Lithuanians, who expel illegals to the territory of the Republic of Belarus, according to reports.

Thousands of migrants hailing mostly from the Middle East and Africa have been pouring into Lithuania through Belarus. Authorities in Lithuania have announced that illegal migration will no longer be tolerated.

Anyone attempting to enter Lithuanian territory illegally will be refused entry and will be directed to the nearest operational international border checkpoint,” said Rustamas Liubajevas, head of the Lithuanian border guard, on Tuesday.

“Deterrent actions may be taken against those who do not comply,” Liubajevas said further. He did not disclose the exact measures taken but said the guards did not use violence to push back the migrants.

Around 180 illegal migrants were returned to Belarus on Tuesday, he added.

However, Belarusian border guards claim to record an often use of service dogs and firearms by Lithuanian border guards against illegal migrants.

Forsided, 06.08.2021

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